A skilled and talented driver is essential to a successful race effort. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best.

David Donner, 3-time overall winner at Pikes Peak, has now added a 2012 Unlimited class win to his long list of accomplishments. David's combination of talent, skill and a methodical approach to testing and development has been a key factor in our team's success.

Test and Development Program

Testing and development is a crucial part of any racing program. Palatov Motorsport has developed a close working relationship with Oregon Raceway Park, a challenging 2.5 mile road course located in eastern Oregon. With convenient and cost-effective access to the ORP facilities for private testing Palatov Motorsport can carry out an effective and extensive test program in an efficient and timely manner. In 2012 the ability to test at ORP has been a great advantage in getting the car ready for the Peak.

The final phases of the test and development program were conducted at the actual Pikes Peak course.

To supplement the physical testing, Palatov Motorsport is using advanced computer simulation tools similar to those used by top competitors in series such as F1. They include CFD for aerodynamics development and Driver-In-The-Loop simulation for kinematics, driver optimization and overall race strategy analysis. The virtual analysis is backed up by full data acquisition including GPS, force and operational parameter logging.

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